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Mind Stereo 1.3

A media center that allows you to listen to musical playlists and Internet radio
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Transparent Corporation

Mind Stereo has all the features and functions that other media players have, but it also offers visualizations, brainwave entertainment and affirmations. Mind Stereo is easy to work with because it has a familiar setup with the playlists, equalizers and is compatible with common digital media formats like CDs.
What this program does differently is that while you listen to the music and watch the visual effects, the software modifies the audio and video patterns. This has an affect on your brain activity and this is what is referred to as brainwave entertainment. The benefits are many and you can create different moods or mental states, for example, relaxed, concentrated or creative.
The audio – visual brain enhancements offer many benefits by embedding audio and visuals into the entertainment. There are several ways that this is accomplished, such as through sound modulation and effects, binaural beats, flash integration and tone based entertainment.

Mind Stereo can be used with net radio stations, which means that you can change the music that is modulated whenever you want to. This is better since the same thing for a prolonged period will become boring. There is also brainwave enhanced visual plug-ins that can be downloaded and which are suitable for brainwave entertainment.

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